Butcher Block is Ideal for Kitchen Countertops

Butcher Block CountertopsButcher block is ideal for kitchen countertops and island tops because of its durability, versatility and beauty. We interviewed Butcher Block Co who is an online distributor and proud to sell premium butcher block countertops manufactured by John Boos & Co., the nation’s leading maker of butcher block products for more than 125 years.

Butcher block countertops are available in three grain-styles.

•        Blended-grain tops are made of wood rails of varying lengths, finger-jointed together.  The finished countertop is a harmonious blend of heartwood and sapwood resulting in lots of visual texture and color.

•        End-grain boards feature the “checkerboard” look reminiscent of traditional butcher blocks End-grain counters reveal interesting variations in color and texture and tend to be the favorite of professional chefs!

•        Edge-grain, by far the most popular, is made using full-length rails of wood thermo-bonded side by side. Edge-grain counters show more subtle variation in color and grain.

Butcher Block is an affordable material for kitchen countertops.  If you are considering new kitchen countertops you will find there are lots of materials to choose from. When deciding on the ideal countertop you should consider function, décor, durability, maintenance, and budget. With regard to budget, according to www.countertopguides.com, Butcher Block Countertops are one of the most affordable countertop options available.  So if you are looking for a food prep work surface that is beautiful, durable, easy to maintenance, and affordable, then butcher block is right for you!

Maximizing Space: Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Kitchen

Kitchen CartThere’s nothing more annoying than trying to prepare a meal in a cramped kitchen. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips to follow and tricks you can use to make your kitchen feel bigger than it actually is, and to function better. Here are some quick, easy ways that you can free up a little bit of extra space in your kitchen:

Use the Ceiling

The ceiling tends to be the most underutilized surface of a kitchen. That’s not surprising, since people forget that it has storage potential. If your kitchen is a bit crowded, try freeing up some shelf space by installing hooks or racks and hanging your pots and pans from the ceiling. It’s a great way to maximize space and you can find the utensils you need without having to dig through cluttered drawers.

Kitchen Carts

If your kitchen is starving for free counter space, you might think about purchasing a butcher block kitchen cart. It’s an easy, functional and affordable addition to any kitchen, especially kitchens that are too small to accommodate an island (they serve the same purpose, while taking up less space).

Utilize the Walls

Any blank wall is another prime opportunity. If you have one in your kitchen, consider installing shelves or a cabinet to gain some much-needed storage space. If you don’t need another cabinet, a mounted knife rack is a great way to clear counter or drawer space and simultaneously display your best culinary equipment.

Get Rid of Used Appliances

This should be a no-brainer, but you’d be amazed how many people cling to kitchen appliances and cookware that they never use anymore or don’t really need.  If you hate rice, it might be time to get rid of your rice cooker. When’s the last time you used your crock pot or deep fat fryer? Or maybe you should consider freeing up space by pawning your waffle iron. Getting rid of appliances that you don’t use is one of the easiest ways to maximize utilization of precious kitchen space.

Fill Corners and Empty Spaces

There are bound to be empty spaces in your kitchen that you haven’t thought of using. The space above the refrigerator is an excellent place to store appliances you don’t use very often. The spot behind the sink is another great place to put things. Remember, the trick to making your kitchen feel bigger is to see the positive potential of negative space.

All about Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops and Island Tops

It is hard to trace just how long butcher blocks have been in use, what is known is that they are still in use and will continue to be a common part of any state-of-the art kitchen. Butcher blocks are ideal for kitchen countertops, islands as well as cutting boards due to their stability, beauty and durability.

The leading manufacturer of butcher blocks is a company in central Illinois known as John Boos & Co. The company has been making premium quality butcher block products with fine craftsmanship for over 125 years and is still the most popular company in this field. Butcher Block Co manufactures kitchen countertops and Islands using these quality products from John Boos & Co.

The Type of Wood Species Used By Butcher Block Co

This company offers countertops from four different plant species all harvested from North American sustainable hardwood processing. These present varieties that are most sought after in the modern kitchen architecture.

Hard Rock Maple 

This is the most popular hardwood used in the making of the kitchen butcher block countertops because of its durability, strength, end grain pattern and uniform light appearance. The wood harder, stiffer and denser that the other available species of maple in the form of lumber.

Appalachian Red Oak

This wood type is loved by many people due to its course grain pattern and reddish brown color. This oak color complements well with that of the oak cabinets common in many kitchens around the world. This hardwood is stiff and dense, resistant to wear and with high shock resistance.

American Cherry

This is rich in color and warm in appearance ranging from pale pink to dark red with either copper or gold. With time due to sunlight exposure, the American Cherry can darken to deep golden brown color giving your kitchen a nice traditional look and brings warmth. This hardwood is highly durable and resistant to decay.

American Black Walnut

This hardwood is currently gaining a lot of popularity in its use on butcher block countertops. It can be distinguished from its natural dark hardwood color with strips of blond sapwood. It is usually straight grained but at times may be show curly or wavy grains producing a decorative and an attractive figure. 

Butcher Block Countertop Styles

The butcher blocks countertops are available in three grain styles. The first is landed grain styles which are made of wood rails of various lengths finger jointed together. This produces a harmonious blend of hardwood, sapwood and grain of various visual texture and color.

The second type is known as edge grain style made of full length wood rails thermo-bonded side by side. It shows several variations in grains and color. The third and the last type is end grain style characterized by checkerboard pattern and is the most prominent in most kitchens and represents the traditional butcher blocks. They reveal interesting variations in color, design and pattern.

All butcher block countertops are durable, beautiful and resistant to shock and heat usually present in the kitchen. If you want your kitchen to look traditional, elegant and state-of-the art, then you should use countertops from Butcher Block Co.

Choosing Movable Kitchen Islands

movable kitchen islandMovable kitchen islands are in great demand these days. This is because of the functionality they will add to your modern kitchen. With these islands, you get a work surface that doubles up as a barrier between the kitchen and the eating area. You can also use the surface to peel, chop and cut food before you cook it. To choose the best movable kitchen island, you need to consider the factors discussed below.

These butcher block islands are designed beautifully. Therefore, they will enhance your kitchen’s look and design. What is more, they make your kitchen more practical and functional. In fact, movable islands are likely to suit your needs better than permanent ones.

However, movable islands look better if your kitchen is large enough to accommodate them. When the kitchen is perfectly organized, designed and with a workable traffic pattern, you will have an easier time roaming around while cooking.

Benefits of Movable Kitchen Islands

1. More Counter Space

These islands will provide you with more workspace. You can use the islands to serve some meals buffet style. If it is movable, you have the option of stationing it at a wall for easier movement between the dining room and the food section.

2. Flexibility

Similarly, you get the freedom to choose where to locate the movable kitchen island. For instance, you can stack dirty dishes on top for later cleaning. Alternatively, the island can function as a coffee table when you have many guests over.

If necessary, you can also roll it into another room. Most of these islands are equipped with strong, heavy- duty locking caster wheels. These should position it securely until you have to relocate back to the kitchen.

3. Affordable

Movable islands are also cheaper to install compared to permanent kitchen islands. This is because if you do not like where it is stationed, you have the freedom to move it elsewhere. This mobility means that you can experiment before you find the perfect place to put the movable kitchen island. You cannot do this with permanent islands.

4. Functionality

Mobile kitchen islands double their roles. You can use them as a display for your dishes, a serving table or a work surface. Get stainless steel or granite islands if you are looking for heat resistant surfaces.

5. Storage

Where possible, consider buying movable islands that come with storage options. The extra storage is useful when you need to stash items, dishes and food out of sight. Luckily, most islands have shelves where you can put your cookbooks and utensils. You can also get a kitchen island that has a drop leaf. You can expand this whenever the need arises and tuck it away once you are done.

With movable islands, you can also use those spaces you never thought to use. It will be a focal point in your kitchen whether you place it at the center or in front. If it gets in the way or you do not need it, roll it to an inconspicuous spot out of sight.

For less money, you get more versatility and have the option of different designs, styles and colors that will best serve your purposes. No wonder movable kitchen islands are such a fad these days.

Large Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Kitchen IslandThe kitchen is a space that should encompass comfort, style and functionality. A Large Kitchen Island can provide a lot of utility space for various functions depending on how well it is used. Whether remodeling or building a new kitchen, custom designing your kitchen based on your personal needs makes it the best working and living space you can ever have in your home.

The Large Kitchen Island should be properly scaled with the size of the kitchen. The island should leave enough space to easily maneuver around it. Approximately a step and a half worth of space is usually reasonable. For narrow kitchens, a long kitchen island can be used for extra space.

When it comes to the kitchen island, always ensure that the island is properly utilized. The space underneath the counter is completely usable storage space. You can go for cabinets and slotting spaces, shelves or drawers. These spaces can be used to stash all kinds of items, from pots and pans, cutlery to cook books.

You can also create space for appliances such as microwaves or cookers. The kitchen island usually provides a great location for a ventilation hood for cookers that are in the middle of the room. However fuel supply pipe installation is usually complicated with such fixtures as they have to be installed under the flooring material.

A Large Kitchen Island can provide a lot of multipurpose space. You can create a working space for food preparation as well as a dining area. All you need to add are a few bar stools around the kitchen areas and you have a dining table.

The storage options on a Large Kitchen Island are quite versatile. You can use seamless storage designs with secret doors that resemble decorative panels with a push latch. Pull out storage is also quite comfortable to use.

If you prefer the use of shelves for storage under the Large Kitchen Island, multi-level shelves are usually a great way to create extra space. The different levels can also be used functionality and aesthetically for a bit of creativity.

There are various attractive materials that you can use on a Large Kitchen Island counter tops. Marble and granite are all time favorites. They offer great texture and colour options, are extremely attractive and easy to clean and maintain. There are also other materials like quarts, hardwoods; stainless steel and even aluminium counter tops. Metal counter tops are usually great for contemporary design themes, also dark shades of quarts, marble and granite can achieve the same effect. Whole vintage effects can be achieved with wooden finishes.

A Large Kitchen Island is the perfect complement to a kitchen. It provides extra space with maximum functionality. Even with small kitchen spaces, a kitchen island will help you to create extra functional space that prevents cluttering. There are many kitchen island designs that you can find from magazine catalogues and online sites. Looking at couple of pictures can help you to create your very own personalized design that will best suit your kitchen needs.

Stainless Kitchen Island

kitchen islandDue to the fact that stainless steel is one of the hottest kitchen materials available in the market today, prospective homeowners now go crazy for stainless kitchen island as it will offer the kitchen the ultimate in easy cleaning and good organization and its appearance is modern, sleek and always in style. Consequently, a stainless steel kitchen island can be a fantastic place to start, if you are looking to make upgrades to your kitchen.

On the other hand, when you install a stainless steel kitchen island, it will serve as a great addition to your kitchen as it will offer your kitchen additional worktop with extra storage space. Nevertheless, stainless steel kitchen islands are available in various sizes and for this reason; you must make sure that you choose the one that will fit your kitchen. Many stainless steel kitchen islands are portable; therefore if you would like the wheels to move around from place to place, the option is available as well.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Island with Breakfast Bar

This is a portable kitchen island on wheel that comes with steel top and copious storage with 4 drawers and 2 cabinets. In addition, it has a condiment caddy or spice, paper towel holder and bar to hold a towel. This type of stainless steel kitchen island was made of hardwood coated together with clear finish to hold up to the normal use in any kitchen. Of all the available stainless steels, it is the best because it has a wooden breakfast bar that can be folded down out of the way when required.

Kitchen Island with Seating and Stainless Steel Top

This stainless steel top kitchen island with seating comes with 2 saddle stools without backs, which are ideal for a quick bite right at the island. In addition, it has black seats on top of white wooden legs that lend a nice touch to the saddle stools. On the other hand, you can remove the adjustable shelve under the worktop for the storage of larger items, if you like, while it can as well hold small appliances with ease.

Stainless Steel Top Kitchen Island

You might as well prefer something that fits in better with the rest of your kitchen, while you might want the stainless steel top on your kitchen island. You will find just what you need and want, with this stainless kitchen island.

Portable Kitchen Island on Wheels with a Stainless Steel Top

These stainless top work tables should be welcome in any kitchen that needs more storage or worktops, whether they are kitchen carts for the fact that they are portable kitchen islands with wheels. The idea of being able to move it to where you need it makes it great!

Finally, when you are revamping or building your kitchen, kitchen island designs play a vital role. Therefore, before you choose stainless kitchen island for your kitchen, you must take the amount of space available in your kitchen into consideration so that you can plan the size of the island in such a way that it will give room for enough space to move around the stainless kitchen island without difficulties. In addition, decide whether you want to use it as a breakfast bar or as a dinning table.